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Retirement planning refers to developing and implementing financial strategies to ensure a secure and comfortable lifestyle during retirement. It involves saving, investing, and managing funds to build a financial cushion to support an individual's needs and aspirations after they cease working.

100 Accounting Inc. Retirement PlanningEffective retirement planning considers factors like anticipated expenses, income sources, investment growth, debts, legacy, financial risks, health risks, insurance advantages, and tax advantages to create a well-structured and sustainable financial plan for the retirement phase of life.

Our seasoned team of financial advisors and accountants is dedicated to providing comprehensive accounting and financial advice to help you navigate the complexities of retirement planning. Whether you're just beginning to consider your retirement options or in the midst of planning, we're here to guide you toward a secure and prosperous future. Our retirement planning services include:

1 — Financial Analysis and Goal Setting

  • In-depth analysis of your current financial standing and retirement goals
  • Customized strategies to align your finances with the retirement lifestyle you envision

2 — Investment and Portfolio Management

  • Expert guidance on building and managing a diversified investment portfolio
  • Strategies to maximize returns while mitigating risks to ensure a sustainable retirement income

3 — Tax-Efficient Retirement Planning

  • Specialized tax planning to minimize tax liabilities in retirement
  • Strategies for tax-efficient withdrawals from retirement accounts

4 — Pension and Social Security Optimization

  • Maximizing benefits from Pension Plans (such as Canada Pension Plan, CPP, Old Age Security (OAS), group RRSPs, PRPPs, and other pension plans) and Social Security
  • Strategic planning to optimize timing and selection of pension and Social Security options

5 — Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

  • Tailored estate planning solutions to preserve and transfer wealth seamlessly
  • Guidance on tax-efficient strategies for passing on assets to heirs

Why Choose 100+ Accounting for Retirement Planning?

1 — Experienced Financial Advisors

Our seasoned financial advisors bring a wealth of experience in retirement planning, ensuring expert guidance tailored to your needs.

2 — Holistic Approach

We provide a holistic approach that considers all aspects of your financial life, from investments to tax implications.

3 — Personalized Solutions

We provide tailored solutions based on your unique financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance.

4 — Proactive Planning

We provide proactive planning to anticipate and address potential challenges in your retirement strategy.

5 — Client Education

We empower you with knowledge, helping you make informed decisions about your retirement future.

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