100+ Accounting Inc.

100+ Accounting Inc. is a Canadian corporation providing accounting, bookkeeping, business consultation, and forensic accounting services.

Main Services


Bookkeeping services include system setup, data entry, account reconciliation, payroll and financial statement administration.

Accounting for Individuals

Accounting services for individuals include annual personal tax returns, tax planning, housing rebates, retirement planning, etc.

Accounting for Corporations

Accounting services for corporations include financial and management accounting and preparation of tax and remittance returns.

Business Consultation

Business consultation services include business planning, startup and reorganization, financial analysis and forecasting, corporation annual return, Initial Public Offering (IPO), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), and Controller services.

Business Strategy

Business strategy services include business valuation, estate and succession planning, and merger and acquisition consultation.

Forensic Accounting and Audits

Forensic accounting services include loss assessment, expert witness, fraud detection, and preventive and remedial consultation for compliance with CRA requirements and compliance with corporate policies and procedures.

100+ Accounting Inc. - Financial Analysis and Planning

Why 100+ Accounting?

100+ Accounting provides expert accounting, bookkeeping, and financial consultation to both corporations and individuals, fast and at a reasonable fee.

100+ Accounting is where expertise, experience, and innovation meet sincere care, commitment, and diligence.

100+ Accounting is where your worries end as you are in good hands! 

A walk in the park online and onsite services!

100+ Accounting makes it a walk in the park to securely communicate your confidential information with your accountant or financial advisor to get your financial matters up to date and ready for use or filing quickly.

100+ Accounting Inc. - Senior Accounting Advice and Business Planning